Friday, May 12, 2017

Tony McAleer to speak in Mission with Cycling4Diversity

Former white supremicist to speak in Mission

He will appear as part of Cycling4Diversity event

The Cycling4Diversity team is finishing their sixth annual tour on May 26 at the Mission Leisure Centre (5 to 7 p.m.) led by local resident and C4D founder Ken Herar.
The public is invited to attend and listen to former white supremacist Tony McAleer, who will be the guest speaker at the event.
McAleer will talk about his former life and the changes he made to escape the culture of hate.
“We are honoured to have Tony come to Mission to speak with residents about discrimination and also about some of the recent KKK activities in the area. I encourage people to come out and listen,” said Herar.
There will also be two other speakers that evening: Kal Dosanjh, a Vancouver police officer and CEO of Kidsplay, as well as Kristine Heinrichs, who recently threw coloured rice bags in driveways to counteract the KKK tactic and embrace diversity in Abbotsford.
“We encourage the public to come and welcome our team at the Leisure Centre and there will be food, refreshments and T-shirts given out to those to attend. We look forward to meeting with the community in celebrating Cycling4Diversity Week,” said executive director Anne Marie Sjoden.