Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Reflecting on South Asian history on the 125th anniversary of the District of Mission

Black Press columnist Ken Herar will be writing a special, three-part series on the history of the South Asian community in Mission, as part of Mission’s 125th anniversary celebrations.
The stories will run the second Friday of the month, beginning May 12 in the Mission City Record.
Herar, who is born and raised in Mission and comes from a pioneer South Asian family, has written many columns on the life and contributions of his community, during his 22 years as a columnist.
He is reaching out to the public who may have any interesting stories they would like to share as part of this series as the District gets prepared to celebrate its 125th anniversary on June 4 at Fraser River Heritage Park.
“I am excited and honoured about this opportunity about connecting the local South Asian community’s past to its present. History sometimes gets forgotten and its important to connect those valuable dots.,” said Herar.

“There are so some amazing stories and personalities that need to be retold so the generations to follow can be proud of the vibrant and strong diverse relationships that have been built over the past century. Mission is a role model community where diversity is working as the community is constantly changing in its demographics.
“It’s not going to be easy to condense so many amazing stories in three upcoming columns, but I am committed in doing my best.”
Herar, will also be doing a  presentation to mayor and council on Oct. 16 on the ongoing Mission Moments series in conjunction with the anniversary.
If you have a story to share with Herar, contact him at kenherar@gmail.com.